SupReme accommodation

We understand that our candidates, especially student pilots spend 6 months, in a foreign country pursuing the best time of their life and career. Accordingly, it becomes important for them to live a luxurious, stress free, comfortable, convenient life style, making them feel like home – away from home. Thus we have arranged for Supreme Accommodations for our candidates at both our bases:

Potomac Airfield – Houses located walking distance from the academy. Students live in houses on sharing/private room basis.

Merlo, San Luis Argentina – Cabanas located in the city of Merlo. Students are provided free shuttle services from the accommodation to the academy on the airport. Students spend most of their day time in the academy. Evenings and nights are luxurious with friends and family like atmosphere in Merlo!

Please feel free to get in touch with us on for all your qufestions and requests regarding accommodations.