Supreme air charters


Your schedule, your class, your people,
your choice, your destinations,
24 x 7 x 365 support


To locations virtually any place in the world,
where commercial airlines do not serve



No check in queue, no security delays,
Meet & Greet services, personalized attention


Optimum utilization of time to continue important business meetings and discussions



Fly in style, spacious interiors, entertainment,
gourmet cuisine, no baggage restriction


Helicopters – Turboprop - Jet
Family – Recreation – Business

AIRCRAFT Price Speed Seating Range Height
Helicopter $1,000 - $5,000
(Rs.50,000 - Rs.250,000)
150-195 nm
270-350 kms
3-8 345-500 nm
620-900 kms
Turboprop $1400 - $1800
 (Rs.70,000 - Rs.90,000) 
210-320 nm
375-575 kms
5-8 1400-2000 nm
2500 - 3800 kms
4.5 ft
Light jet $2000 - $2600
(Rs.100,000 - Rs.130,000)
400-510 nm
720-900 kms 
5-8 1600-2000 nm
2850 - 3800 kms
4.7 ft
Mid-Size Jet $2700 - $3400
(Rs.135,000 - Rs. 170,000)
400-510 nm
720-900 kms
5-8 2200-2900 nm
3950 - 5200 kms
5.8 ft
Super Mids $3600 - $4900
(Rs.180,000 - Rs.250,000)
400-510 nm
720-900 kms
5-8 3200-3600 nm
5750 - 6450 kms
5.8 ft
Heavy Jet $4200 - $9000
 (Rs.250,000 - Rs.450,000
400-510 nm
720-900 kms
10-16 3200-7000 nm
5750 - 12600 kms
6.1 ft
Jumbo Jet CALL 400-510 nm
720-900 kms
30-250 1500-6000 nm
2700 - 10500 kms
7.2 ft


If you have a need that our fleet can't meet, we will find you a brokered aircraft that will. Supreme Aviation operates a superb fleet of aircraft with the highest standards of safety, quality and service. Supreme Aviation’s Client Services Team is available 24/7 to assist you with private jet charter travel arrangements to and from over 5,000 airports throughout the world.

  • Three Levels of Service
    • On Demand / Pay As You Go
    • Bulk Purchasing / Special Destination Repeat Trips
    • Fractional Ownership / Least Expensive Cost Per Hour
  • Fly with as little as 2 hours notice
  • Light, Mid-Size, Super Mid-Size and Heavy Jets
  • Executive Airliners & Turbo-Props
  • 24x7x365 Worldwide Access
  • Access to over 600 Aircraft
  • Experienced charter representatives
  • Concierge service
  • Our fleet of aircraft or any brokered aircraft in the world

Flying privately gives you the freedom and control to travel on your own terms. Now you can experience the benefits of private jet travel with ultimate flexibility and no strings attached. Contact our private aviation consultants at +91 987 08 11224 or email for more information or to request a quote for on-demand jet charter services.


Whether you need to fly from Miami to Madrid in a Gulfstream jet, from London to Tokyo in a Global Express, or from Riyadh to Los Angeles in a Boeing Business Jet, Supreme Aviation’s Team will help you select the perfect aircraft for your mission. Our understanding of the unique requirements of international jet charter flights (international op-specs, landing permits, over-flight permits, international fees) help ensure a flawless travel experience.

  • Fly with as little as 3 hours notice
  • Travel non-stop to virtually any location worldwide
  • Berthable Beds Available
  • 24x7x365 Worldwide Access
  • Light, Mid-Size, Super Mid-Size and Heavy Jets
  • Boeing Business Jet & Executive Airliners
  • Service to and from over 30 countries

Supreme Aviation’s team is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year to assist with your international travel needs. Call +91 987 08 11224 or email to request a personalized quote for international jet charter service.


The safety and security of each and every flight is the number one priority of every employee of Supreme Aviation. All flight operations are performed in strict accordance with the Civil Aviation regulations. In addition to the Civil Aviation regulations, operators and aircraft are required to meet additional safety and reliability standards established by Supreme Aviation. Aircraft age, pilot training, maintenance history, and safety audit ratings are among the many criteria reviewed to ensure that every flight exceeds Civil Aviation approved charter operator requirements.

Supreme Aviation regulates critical operational requirements including:

  • Aircraft Maintenance Standards
  • Crew Training & Experience
  • PIC & SIC Hours In Type
  • Crew Pairing Restrictions
  • Crew Duty Limitations
  • Runway Requirements
  • Aircraft Avionics and Safety Equipment Requirements
  • International Certification