Flight Training

Now comes the time when your Dreams actually start turning into reality. After dealing with all the formalities and listening patiently in those sessions of great aviators talking about the joy of flying, you start to experience the beauty and life the world of flying has to offer. You begin your intensive training for 200-250 flying hours, flying different types of aircrafts, which indeed make you get used to Sky and Speed. Due to availability of aircrafts and instructors, you can fast pace your training and get your Commercial Pilot's License in as low as 5 months with Supreme Aviation.

Private Pilot: The joy of the first flight, and then the First Solo - The milestones of your life are set during your Private Pilot Training. First Night Flight, first Cross country and all these exciting flights you cherish throughout your life are done during your Private training, where more emphasis is given on basics of flying the aircraft, aerodynamics, flights in Visual Meteorological Conditions i.e. clear of clouds, and building up confidence to fly the aircraft by yourself. Please check the Private Pilot Overiew and Private Pilot Syllabus to get some more details!

Instrument Rating: This phase is most important in the Commercial Pilot Training and as it sounds, challenging too. During your Instrument Rating, you learn to fly the aircraft in clouds. And as you can think, this has to be done only with the sole reference of instruments of the aircraft. Keeping a continuous scan, and flying those 'Instruments' is indeed a great skill and Pilots constantly improve on it to make it perfect. You learn more about the rules and regulations to operate the aircraft on an IFR flight plan (Flights done by all airlines and operators), landing the aircraft with the help of Instrument Approaches (Landing in low visibility and clouds) and flying the 'Airways'. Please check the Instrument Pilot Overview and Instrument Pilot Syllabus to get some more details!

Commercial Pilot: Once you have your Private Pilot and Instrument Rating, you are almost a Commercial Pilot. But now you need to learn more about flying the Multi Engine Aircrafts, the rules and regulation to fly for hire and commercial operators, the performance, the best output of the aircraft, flights and of course flying the aircraft more confidently as the most responsible 'Commercial Pilot'. Special training for emergency situations, engine failures, engine on fire, flying with single engine, landing with engine failures and all whatever can come close to Risk and Danger, is included in your training preparing you to deal with all challenges during flight. Please check the Commercial Pilot Overview and Commercial Pilot Syllabus to get some more details! Please check the Multi Engine Overview and Multi Engine Syllabus to get some more details!

Flying a few thousand feet above the ground and exploring the true beauty of the earth, is indeed the best thing one can do on this planet. Carrying that big responsibility on your shoulders, having that confidence in yourself and living a life of honor and opportunities, Pilots are truly the greatest people on the Earth!