Son of Shri Kamal N Agarwal, one of the leading Transport & Logistics service provider of India, Captain Ammeet K Agarwal is the Supreme Scion!


By building Supreme Aviation out of nothing, Ammeet K Agarwal proved what an entrepreneur can do just with a dream!


globe trotter, Ammeet K has wide travel experience around the globe to all six continents. Working with a variety of ethnicities including the poorest people to the richest Royal families, enthusiastic aviators to hard core businessmen, ambitious youth to experienced societies, Ammeet K carries a Supreme Personality!


His first flight lesson was at the age of 17. His passion made him place the order of his first private aircraft when he was 18. Being a self made, successful man, his purchase was with his hard earned, initial income, which he earned with no help, no support and no capital!


To build, own, operate and manage the best flight school in the world has been his goal since then. He aims to build and operate the best, most Supreme GENERAL AVIATION centers of the world. He prefers to monitor his operations personally, very minutely and independently. A 100% customer satisfaction is his desire. He tries to serve each and every single customer, the Supreme services as promised, irrespective of the profits or finances. It’s something which runs in the blood of the Supreme family, continued as hereditary.


He enjoyed conducting the famous Downtown Dallas Tour flights himself, for which he set records in Texas and entire USA. He was called the “Super Pilot” by thousands of happy and satisfied customers Supreme Aviation built in Dallas, Texas.


He stays a popular personality in the world of Aviation, especially in India. Covered by news, print and other media, he prefers to share his opinions and strategies with the world.

He has extensive knowledge in the economy and businesses of the world. With practical experience in transport, logistics and aviation, Captain Ammeet K Agarwal enjoys the status of a “Consultant” and an “Advisor” to various people, corporations, societies and government organizations, including the Civil Aviation authorities.


Before earning his title of a true American Aviator, Captain Ammeet K Agarwal tried his hands on various careers.

He received the “Best Actor” award from Shri Shashi Kapoor at Prithvi theatres in Mumbai.

He was the “Lead Dancer” in SDIPA, selected to perform at the CommonWealth Games ceremony in Australia in 2006.

He has several credits and awards for his “Photography”, Web Designing and other creative assignments!

He has several awards and achievements right from his school days, including a Gold Medal from the Commission of Bombay in 2003.


Ammeet K Agarwal enjoys watching movies. He is very fond of food and loves to try local cuisines on his travel.

He has wide interest in the Politics of India and the world. He possesses a considerable knowledge about the legislations, law making, global policies, form of governments and development of countries.   Along with being a thorough gentleman, he is an ambitious businessman and an enthusiastic learner. He stays curious about learning and knowing different things happening around the world.

Amidst his busy schedule, he devotes ample time to his family, friends, hobbies and social events & activities.


With an aim to inject the General Aviation in Asia, Africa and other parts of the world, Captain Ammeet K Agarwal looks forward to clear precious dreams for takeoff.

Through Supreme Aviation, Captain Ammeet K Agarwal wishes to train the best pilots in the world, open the air spaces for every common man to fly, at the same time ensure every person stays safe up in the air as well as on the ground!


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