Captain Sebastian Manzo is the Chief Flight Instructor for Supreme Aviation Cielos Puntanos base at Aeropuerto Internacional Valle Del Conlara SAOS, City of Merlo, San Luis in ARGENTINA.

Captain Manzo has thousands of hours of flight time and a considerable experience in the General Aviation industry. He is involved in all day to day operations of Supreme Aviation including flight training, instructors, charters and others.

Captain Manzo posses Flight Instructor’s and other licenses from USA, Argentina, China and other countries of the world. He completed his initial training in USA and achieved his FAA Commercial and Flight Instructor’s ratings.

After thousands of hours of flight time in USA, Captain Manzo continued his enthusiasm of teaching in CHINA. His excellent flying skills and knowledge of teaching, qualified him to be a Chief Flight Instructor of a renowned facility of CHINA.

Captain Manzo has been responsible for graduating more than 120 students at one base as a Chief Pilot. Preparing cadet pilots from zero experience to Commercial and Jet Engine endorsement has been an expertise for Captain Manzo.

Since his association with Supreme Aviation, Captain Manzo takes care of every day operations at Merlo San Luis, including flight training of international candidates, instructors and scheduling, charter flights and special on demand flights, record keeping, quality control, maintain highest and Supreme standards.

He makes sure each and every candidate is receiving appropriate training, as per the designed syllabus and highest standards set by Supreme Aviation.

Captain Manzo conducts the evaluation flights scheduled after every few training flights, as per the syllabus, to make sure the candidates and instructors are performing their level best. Captain Manzo upon his satisfaction, signs the candidates for their ‘check ride’ flights to ensure Supreme has 100% passing percentage with the Civil Aviation examiner for their certificates and ratings.

Captain Manzo also recruits flight instructors, after ensuring all of them posses Supreme flying skills, with thorough knowledge, enthusiasm to impart knowledge and all other required teaching qualities.

He makes sure the student and instructor ratio along with the aircraft is strictly maintained as per Supreme standards. He monitors scheduling directly and ensures all candidates, instructors and aircrafts comply with the regulations at the same time stay highly satisfied.

He also makes sure the aircraft receives scheduled, unscheduled and other required maintenance in coordination with the Director of maintenance at Supreme Aviation.

His passion for flying and teaching can be experienced during the Multi Engine training phase of candidates, where Captain Manzo shares his teaching, training and piloting skills himself.

Accordingly, Supreme Aviation prefers to have Captain Manzo conduct all charter flights and on demand flights on our Multi Engine airplane.

Captain Sebastian Manzo also stays up to date on other activities and daily operations at Supreme Aviation. CEO & President receive direct reports from Captain Manzo about all the activities, ensuring each and every client, student, activity has Supreme standards and 100% satisfaction.

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