Supreme Aviation

Supreme Aviation International is an enterprise by Sangeeta Aviation Services Pvt Ltd.

“Supreme Aviation aims to revolutionize the General Aviation sector around the globe, by providing complete arena of aviation services.

Supreme aims to graduate world’s highest number of pilots, at Supreme’s two international flight training facilities located in USA and Argentina. With excellent infrastructure and a dedicated team, we aim to qualify and train a quality of Pilot’s generation, which shall define new standards and skills.

Supreme’s maintenance department was set up to ensure our own fleet of aircraft is maintained with utmost care and expertise. With a team of qualified mechanics, modern tools, up to date technology and systems, safety and compliance is the primary motto of our maintenance department. Our customer’s trust & satisfaction, from the maintenance provided on their airplanes by Supreme, has made us grow and expand our maintenance services for all aircraft owners and operators.

We wish to train and qualify every individual up to Private Pilot’s rating. Through Aircraft Rentals, we would like to be part of thousands of dreams which are fulfilled through the joy of flying.

Further, by assisting, understanding the client’s need and requirement, Supreme Aircraft Sales team always has the right aircraft to offer. We work with our client very closely on aircraft acquisitions, guaranteeing one hundred percent satisfaction and delivering all our promises.

Supreme Charters offers a wide range of luxury aircrafts, small-mid-large size business jets, helicopters to fulfill every need. In this modern world, through lease, brokerage and share ownership of aircrafts, Supreme Charters is able to commit and serve customers virtually in any part of the world. Safety, speed, style, satisfaction has been the motto for Supreme Charters.

Supreme has set new records in the past, for its excellent air tours, aerial survey flights, photography and other on demand flights. With expert pilots, enthusiastic aviators and a fleet to meet all demands, Supreme is just a phone call away for short flight services.

SuperAWOS is a revolutionary product Supreme Aviation has to offer for airports and airfields. Similarly, we thrive on constant desire to research, develop and implement most modern, user friendly and appropriate products for all airports, airfields, aviation projects and other general aviation participants.

We also work with well experienced, renowned, team of Aviation Consultants, experts in their particular areas and specific segments of Aviation.

Thus today, Supreme Aviation brings to you flight training, aircraft maintenance, sales, charters, tours & survey flights, airport equipments, consulting and other services. All these services are provided with complete dedication, excellent team, up to date infrastructure and my personal attention or instructions, to ensure a Supreme product is promised and delivered.

- Captain Ammeet K Agarwal

CEO & President

Supreme Aviation International, located on Potomac Airfield in USA, is a joint venture by and between Mr. David Waterofsky and Mr. Ammeet K Agarwal. Mr. David Waterofsky is known for its qualities of constant innovation, excellent sorting techniques, designing & implementing concepts, policies, legislation and considerable experience in various business areas. With knowledge and interest in practically all areas of entrepreneurship, technology, developmentand activities happening around the world, Mr. Waterofsky is a true globetrotter.

Supreme Aviation Cielos Puntanos, located in Merlo, San Luis, Argentina, is a joint venture by and between Mr. Walter Francone and Mr. Ammeet K Agarwal. It is due to Captain Sebastian Manzo’s desire to revolutionize general aviation not only in Argentina, but in the continent of South America, this venture got wings. Mr. Walter Francone is an excellent aviator, businessman, with diverse interests in politics, spirituality, travel and a desire to provide excellent service, with constant scope of development. Captain Sebastian Manzo’s dedication blends with our interest of training quality pilots for the world, setting new standards in general aviation across the world.

Supreme Aviation is built out of a dream. And since its birth, we have participated in fulfilling thousands of dreams, making our dream stay alive and grow stronger.

Since 1983, Supreme earned a reputation and goodwill in India’s service sector and business world which has been incomparable. With principles and values which built this foundation, in 2006 Supreme Aviation was born. Supreme in collaboration with a flight training facility in Addison TX, USA, enrolled and trained considerable number of pilots towards their Commercial Pilot’s License.

Supreme’s principles were questioned and in 2009, Supreme’s answer came stronger with an independent facility, with 3 owned aircrafts, modern infrastructure and excellent services.

After crossing foreign hurdles in all service areas, Supreme Aviation was a neat set up in Dallas TX, offering innovative products, with a satisfied customer base. Supreme set new records in Downtown Dallas Tour flights in 2010 and 2011, by selling one thousand flights through three different products. Supreme’s enrollment for flight training programs was from 35 countries across the world. Supreme offered the best fleet at most competitive prices for aircraft rentals in the entire Dallas FortWorth metroplex. Supreme was known for its all inclusive, tailored to suit customer needs and requirements across the world.

However, again in 2011, Supreme was a victim of racial discrimination, politics created by local businesses, domestic competitors and other tough challenges. With a dedication to never give up, honesty as the best policy, innovative strategies, desire to serve, revolutionize the general aviation sector and emboss the Supreme brand across the world, Supreme Aviation comes in stronger, bigger and better from 2013.

Participate in this revolution of general aviation, help us grow, serve your needs, fulfill your dreams, and clear us for takeoff at Supreme Aviation.