Medicals & TSA

Similar to your Country's Civil Aviation Authority Medical requirements are the Federal Aviation Administration medical requirements. But the process here is more convenient and flexible. You can choose the Class of medical you want i.e. Class 1, 2 or 3. The medical is done by an approved FAA Medical examiner and takes about three hours or depending on your fitness. Once the class of medical is issued, you are fit for the term described in part 67 of 14 CFR's.

For students arriving in Argentina for their flight training, the medicals shall be conducted in Buenos Aires. Supreme Aviation’s team shall get in touch with you about the procedure, fees and duration.

Permission from the Transportation Security Administration of the USA has to be taken before any foreign student begins his flight training in the USA. Submitting the details online and then the finger prints are to be done do get the TSA Approval. Supreme requests it's students to follow the procedure below:

Supreme students who have recieved their USA Visa please follow:

If you are not a citizen of the United States of America and wish to flight train in the U.S., you must submit to a background check with the Transportation Security Administration.

The three types of flight training that would require a background check are:

  1. The candidate's initial pilot certificate, including a private, recreational, sport pilot certificate or even Commercial Pilot certificate.
  2. The candidate's instrument rating.
  3. The candidate's multi-engine rating.

To ensure all requirements are met, please complete the following checklist when enrolling with Supreme Aviation for flight instruction.

Visit the following AFSP (Alien Flight Student Program) website:
» Click on New Student Account to create an online account

After the AFSP e-mails a user I.D. and a password to you (usually within 48 hours),

» Log-in to the same website and complete the application form. You will be asked to provide personal information, including, but not limited to:

Step 1: Basic Information

  • Candidate Name (as it appears on Passport) The name must match the name on the passport EXACTLY. Ensure that any family names, middle names or maiden names listed on the passport are listed here.
  • Gender
  • Height (in inches or cm)
  • Weight (in lbs. or kgs.)
  • Date of Birth (exact or approximate)
  • Birth Country
  • Nationality
  • Eye Color
  • Hair Color

Step 2: Other Names

Candidates should provide any other names or aliases that they have used, or indicate that they have never used any other names. Any names listed on other documentation such as an airman's certificate or driver's license should be listed here if it does not match the name on the passport. Application Fields:

  • Full Name
  • Name Type (Includes: Birth Name, Maiden Name, Americanized Name, Legally Changed Name, Nick Name, etc.)
  • Start Date
  • End Date Candidate may also choose "Current".

Step 3: Citizenship Information

The candidate is required to provide current and historical citizenship information. If the candidate holds or held citizenship in multiple countries, they must list each instance of citizenship. Candidates may create as many citizenship records as necessary. Application Fields: (* denotes an optional field)

  • Country of Citizenship
  • Type (includes: Current, Dual, Historical) Only one citizenship record may be listed as "Current". Subsequent citizenship records should be listed as "Dual" or "Historical".
  • Qualification for Citizenship (i.e. "Birth Country" or "Naturalization")
  • Start Date This is the date the Candidate became a citizen of the country listed. If they have been a citizen of the country listed since birth, the start date would be their birth date.
  • End Date Candidate may also choose "Current".

Step 4: Document Information

The Candidate is required to provide information regarding the following documents: their current and expired passports, and also airman’s certificate(s), U.S. Visa(s) or Lawful Permanent Resident card, if applicable. They can also provide information regarding driver’s licenses and any other documents they wish. While the Candidate should list all documents that they hold, they only need to have a current and valid passport to submit a training request. Note: Candidates with refugee or asylee status can submit a copy of their refugee or asylee documents and two forms of photo identification, such as a legal permanent resident card or driver's license, in lieu of a passport.

The Candidate can upload images of each document as the information is entered. While only the passport upload is required to submit any training requests, uploading an image of the other documents may expedite processing. If the Candidate has trouble uploading a document, they can follow this helpful guide.

Using the drop-down box at the bottom of the screen in Step 4, choose each document type and then select the "Add New Entry" button. The Candidate can add as many document entries as necessary.

Document Information: (* denotes an optional document or field)

1. Passport: Candidate must provide their current and expired passport information for all countries they have held passports, each as a separate RECORD. All candidates are required to list a current, unexpired passport in this section, and to upload an image of that passport.

NOTE: Candidates with refugee or asylee status should enter their "A" number in the passport number section and provide the date that they received refugee/asylee status, the Issuing Country and the City of Issuance. Refugees/asylees are required to submit a copy of their refugee or asylee documents and two forms of photo identification, such as a legal permanent resident card or driver's license.

Application Fields: (* denotes an optional field)

  • Passport Type (Options are: Regular, Diplomatic, Official or Refugee/Asylee Documentation)
  • Passport #
  • Date Issued (Select from calendar)
  • Expiration Date (Select from calendar)
  • Status (Options are: Current, Cancelled, Expired, Pending, Revoked, Suspended)
  • Country of Issuance (Select from drop-down menu)
  • City of Issuance
  • Identification was issued outside the country of issuance. (Select Yes or No) For example, if it is a Chinese passport that was issued from a consulate outside of China, choose Yes).
  • Identification has been granted an extension. (Select Yes or No) Note: If the passport has been granted an extension, make sure to upload all extension pages.

Candidate may also upload image(s) to this Document Record.

Editing and Deleting Document Entries in the "Document Information" Menu

If you save a document entry and need to edit or delete it, choose "Edit / Delete" for that entry. You can then edit the information in the entry and save the record, or delete the document entry altogether.

Step 5: Address Information

Please provide ALL U.S. or foreign residences/addresses held for over 30 days, for the past 5 years. There cannot be any time gaps in the address history. After entering an address, hit the "Save Record" button. Enter your next address and hit the "Save Record" button again. Candidates can add as many addresses as necessary. Each address should appear in a box on the top of the screen.
NOTE: Please include address apartment or room number when applicable. Application Fields: (*denotes an optional field)

  • Type (Options are Current or Historical). Candidates cannot list two addresses for the same time frame.
  • Start Date
  • End Date If Candidate still lives at this address, select "Current".
  • Street Address Include an address apartment or room number when applicable. P.O. Boxes are not an acceptable form of address. Candidates must use a physical address.
  • Country / Passport Authority
  • City
  • State / Province
  • Zip / Postal Code
  • Phone Number Include the country code for residences outside of the United States.

To enter another address, click on the "Save Record" button and enter the next address in the boxes provided. If you save an address and need to either edit or delete it, choose "Edit" for that address at the top of the page. You can then edit it or select "Delete Record".

Step 6: Employment

Candidate should provide information regarding their current employer. If they are currently unemployed, type the word "unemployed" in the Employer and Occupation fields. Candidates are not required to provide information on previous employers. If Candidate is unemployed, self-employed, or a student, please state this in the Employer and Occupation fields, and list contact information for someone who can verify that status.
Application Fields:

  • Occupation
  • Employer
  • Contact Name Person who can verify Candidate's status
  • Employer Phone Number Include country code for residences outside of the United States
  • Employer Email

Category 1-3 Training Requests: Candidates go to Step 7: Training Details.
Category 4 Training Requests: Candidates go to Select Providers for Recurrent Training.
A description of the different Categories is available at Step 8: Request Category.

Step 7: Training Details

It is possible for a Candidate to have several active training requests at a given time. These requests may be for the same or different flight training providers. Each training request form will be processed separately; AFSP approval is valid only for the Provider listed in the application.

For Category 1-3 training requests, the Candidate is required to provide the following information for each flight training Provider and course they are attending. After entering the first flight training Provider, hit the "Save Record" button. If applicable, enter the next flight training Provider and select the "Save Record" button again. Candidates can add as many Providers as necessary. Each Provider will appear in a box on the top of the screen under "Saved Requests -- Not yet submitted." For tips on navigating the "Saved Requests" menu, see "Editing and Deleting Training Requests from the 'Saved Requests' Menu" below.

Application Fields: (* denotes an optional field)

  • State If your Provider is international, ask them which state to select.
  • Provider Name If the Provider is not listed, they may not be registered yet. Please ask them to contact us.
  • Student Identification # from school If the PROVIDER does not assign a Student ID # the Candidate should leave this field blank.
  • Course ID # If the PROVIDER does not assign a Course ID #, enter "101".
  • Class Name (Select from drop-down box - training on aircraft with MTOW of 12,500 lbs. or less is Category 3. Training on aircraft with MTOW over 12,500 lbs. is Category 1 or 2.) If you choose "Category 1 or 2 Training Event," another field will appear. Your school should provide this information.
  • Aircraft Type Must list specific aircraft including make and model. Category 3 requests can list more than one aircraft type for a specific training event.
  • Estimated Start Date
  • Estimated End Date

You must initiate training within 180 days of receiving permission to initiate training.
You must complete training within 365 days of receiving permission to initiate training.

Editing and Deleting Training Requests from the "Saved Requests" Menu

  • Editing a Training Request: If you save a training request application and need to either edit or delete it, choose "Edit" for that training request at the top of the page. You can then edit the information in the application.
  • Deleting a Training Request: If you would like to delete, or cancel, an application you have not paid for yet, select "Edit" for the training request you wish to delete. Then, select the "Delete Record" button.
  • The "Cancel" button will return you to the previous page without making any changes or deleting the record.

Step 8: Request Category

In this section, the Candidate must select the category for which they qualify from Categories 1-3. Please see the "AFSP Category Information" section below for a description of Categories, including Category 4. If the Candidate selects a category for which they do not qualify, the AFSP will contact them via email. For each training request under Categories 1-3, there is a processing fee of $130 (USD) and the submission of fingerprints is required. If you have further questions regarding the AFSP Candidate Categories please view the Frequently Asked Questions section or contact the AFSP Help Desk at
AFSP Category Information

* Category 3: For Candidates pursuing training in aircraft with a maximum certified takeoff weight (MTOW) of 12,500 lbs. or less. Candidates are only required to obtain AFSP approval for the following training events: 1. Initial airman's certificate, including a private, recreational, or sport pilot certificate o If a private and/or commercial license is the candidate's initial FAA license, it is considered an initial airman's certificate and is not exempt. 2. Instrument Rating (IR) 3. Multi-Engine Rating (MEL)

Each of these training events requires a separate training request. All other training events on aircraft with MTOW of 12,500 lbs. or less are exempt from AFSP regulations, including Commercial Pilot License (CPL), Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL), and Certified Flight Instructor (CFI.) These events are exempt only if the candidate holds an FAA stand-alone pilot certificate.

Submitting the Training Request Application
(Categories 1-3 only)

Once the Candidate has completed the training request application, they must return to the "Home" page and go to the "Current Flight Training Applications" section at the top of the page. To submit the training request, Candidate must select "Validate and Submit Application."

If the application contains errors:
» Candidate must choose to "view errors" to see the specific errors and correct them. » Once there are no errors in the training request, Candidate will see the option to "Submit Application" on the "Home" page.

If there are no errors or all errors have been corrected:
» Candidate must read and then choose "I Agree" for the next three screens of legal documents before the training request is submitted.
» Selecting "Validate and Submit" constitutes an electronic signature. The applicant is the only person who can legally choose "I Agree".

After the application is submitted, the Provider must review it. The AFSP will send payment instructions to the Candidate via email after the Provider acknowledges the training request.

Once Supreme Aviation validates your training request, you will receive an e-mail notification and you must submit a $130.00 application processing fee to the AFSP each time you apply for one of the ratings.

  • This fee is included in your program and hence will be paid by Supreme to AFSP. Please email the notification to for further processing.
    You will now be asked to submit fingerprints. The AFSP will provide instructions in an e-mail once your payment is received. To submit fingerprints, you may:
  • Have your fingerprints taken at certain international cities through an expanded partnership with NATA Compliance Services. For more information on approved locations in international cities, please see
  • Otherwise upon your arrival in Washington DC, we will schedule an appointment at the local Police station for submission of your fingerprints which takes few minutes.

Once you have arrived in the United States (or if you already reside in the U.S.), please schedule an appointment with Supreme Aviation. Your photo will be taken and you will need to bring the following:
  • Valid, unexpired passport
  • Valid, unexpired visa or residency card
  • All previous passports and visas used to acquire your current passport and visa
  • Valid I-20
  • U.S. aviation medical certificate
  • Any current U.S. pilot certificates
  • Any foreign pilot certificates
  • Any foreign aviation medical certificates
  • Current U.S. address and telephone number

Once the TSA sends you an e-mail notification granting you permission to begin flight training, we will provide you with your Online access to schedule your flight training with us.